Love isn't canceled

Life the past few months looks completely different from anything we've ever seen. School has been canceled, restaurants are closed, many people are working from home or have been laid off entirely. If your wedding has been postponed, I feel for you, honestly this all sucks. Things have been tough, to say the least, but one thing that isn't canceled is love.

While you may have had to reschedule your big party of a wedding, there are still options. I'm loving seeing couples keep their original wedding date + celebrate the love they have for each other, either postponing the party or completely canceling it, opting for smaller declarations of love.

Eloping USED to be a touchy subject, but it doesn't mean you have to ditch your family and get married in secret. This isn't your mom + pops elopement anymore. Roxanne + Jeremy's elopement a few years ago was SO. MUCH. FUN. and! only 5 minutes from home! Roxanne really wanted a small wedding + when she reached out to be about getting married at Leominster State Forest in the beginning of December, I was so excited! We had the most epically photogenic Justice of the Peace ever, we warmed up with hot cocoa, and then some Don Julio. We also were able to have some wedding cake, prepared for the cute couple by the JP's wife.

All wedding days are different. There's no cookie cutter wedding day anymore. Living in the time of COVID-19, and especially planning a wedding during it, is stressful. Instead of getting wrapped up in the stress of it all, focus on making your wedding day about YOU! Let's do this thaang on your own terms, sunset, sunrise, mountainside, lakefront, backyard -- however YOU want.

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